Friday, August 09, 2002

Ugh. I screwed up big time late in the shift. It escalated when the panicked patient called his wife saying he wasn't coming home, he would die in the hospital. He's okay now, and never was, according the doctor on-call, in any danger whatsoever because of my error. Both the wife and the son called to talk to me. They were nice enough on the phone, and they both know I take full responsibility for it. I feel terrible. I was crying at the end of the shift, and Sheryl, our unit educator, comforted me, and told me that in the scale of things, it was a pretty minor incident and if it was the worst mistake I'd ever make, I'd be in pretty good shape. I still feel majorly bummed. I filled out an incident report and handed it in to my manager. Sheryl offered to talk to our manager about it, if it became a major issue, which she believed it wouldn't.

More later...hopefully it will be okay. If not, I am wondering if ROT needs a waitress. :* )

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