Monday, August 19, 2002

Whadda great day. (I'm off you know, for two glorious days!) I went to breakfast, went shopping in Carytown, then bought Chessie a cat condo from PetSmart! She loves it, and is currently hanging out in it right now!

Today I went to Toys R Us in search of the Barb. I went to the Barbie section, which is easy to spot because it looks like it's been hosed down with Pepto Bismol and Barney The Dinosaur's puke. I instantly got a headache. I was Barbie bitch-slapped. There are seven hundred thousand varieties of Barbie out there. Unfortunately, they all look...the same. Same hair, same figure, same dopey smile on her face. The only thing that changes is her outfits. There was Beach Bingo Barbie, Pediatrician Barbie, N Sync Fan Barbie, McDonald's Drive Thru Window Barbie (no, I am not making this up.) and then there were $60 Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn Barbies. I wandered out of the Barbie section and came across a line of dolls known as The Bratz. The Bratz are a bit more ethnic looking, and their main catch is that they wear outragously fashionable clothing. They're a bit bigger than Barbies both in length and width, which is refreshing. I picked up the blonde one, who's name was Cloe, the same name as Marian's cat. She comes with a change of outfit, a brush and a free poster of her and her friends, Jasmine, Jade, Meygan, and Sasha. Very cool. The outfits look like stuff club kids would wear, but I think I could morph her into a knit lovin chick.

Well, pizza is here, my mouth is watering, so more later.

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