Monday, September 23, 2002

I missed the knitting competition at the fair.

I coulda sworn that I'd read that the judging would be done next week so I was taking my sweet time with my project, a baby set with a hat in the shape of a Hershey's kiss and matching booties. I reread the letter this morning and realized that I was supposed to drop off the project on SATURDAY! I raced down to the fairgrounds, and was told that the judging was done yesterday, and all final decisions had been made. But, I still get to display my work, and I have a tag with my name on it to sit on the table with the other projects. I realized that on Saturday, I was with my Better Half, having a great time, and I wouldn't trade that for any blue ribbon. Besides, I'll smoke 'em next year.

The house smells like oatmeal...I am making oatmeal squares, the recipe from the cookbook put out by the Better Half's school. I worked on my afghan the majority of the day, and rented the flicks Harry Potter and Kissing Jessica Stein. Kissing... is a slightly more refined version of My Big Fat Greek Wedding; instead the main character is a semi-practicing Jew and her signficant other happens to be another woman. It's a smart comedy about lesbians that doesn't really get preachy or politically's about embracing who you are, despite what is trendy or in. And of course, I now realize why Harry was such a hit. My favorite character has to be Ron Weasley. Just for his name alone.

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