Tuesday, September 03, 2002

Last evening the Better Half and I had dinner with a family from the school where he teaches. It was fun. They showed us pictures of their recent trip to Disney World. We ate really good brisket.

We watched Heartbreak Ridge, another in a series of my Better Half’s favorite movie genre, the military drama. I am all for patriotism and supporting our troops, but most of these movies do nothing for me. The plot is similar in each one- group of ragtag bad seed recruits taken over by gruff and experienced but kindhearted captain/general/CO learn about becoming men through a series of military training rituals before the big finale in which they get to use their learned skills in a battle/competition/Army-Navy football game. Throw in a couple of explosions, some cadences, a precocious actor to provide comic relief, and military speak and you’ve got most of these movies. My Better Half still watches on, enthralled, and never fails to be surprised at the end of each of these movies. I try not to let my Better Half see my tears of boredom. As for me, I don’t tie myself down to one movie genre. Most of my DVDs are comedy and movies that I loved in my youth, like Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory.

We do have a couple of movies we both like: Godspell being the most recent addition. Then there’s This is Spinal Tap, The Emperor’s New Groove, any of the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 series, Saving Silverman, both Caddyshack movies (I prefer the first, the Better Half says the sequel is better) any Mel Brooks or National Lampoon movies, and the best comedy ever, Airplane!. Airplane! and Yingling beer were the two main catalysts to our relationship, granting the Better Half the confidence necessary to put the moves on. And the rest is history.

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