Monday, September 09, 2002

On my commute to work today, I hit some debris on the road, and it tore the plastic off of the bottom of my car! I was about an hour late for work, and I flubbed through the day.

In better news, The Better Half and I just got back from D.C., where we had so much fun. We went to the Health and Medical Museum at Walter Reed Hospital, and we went to the Spy Museum, which was incredibly interesting. We did so much walking, my feet and legs are aching! It was so much fun, and it was good to get away with my man for a while. I got to meet up with our friends Mike and Christina, and met John's friend Bob, who lives in D.C. We ate lots of great food- we found this great place in Chinatown with the best Chinese food! Sajji recommended a good restaurant in Georgetown that had great Gyros and Lebanese beer. I keep a running list of places I've had beer far I've drank beer and wine from about 7 countries and counting.

The Medical Museum was my choice on the itenerary. It is infamous for graphic examples of irregularities of human anatomy. Our friend Sajji said there would be lots of babies in jars, but we didn't see a whole lot of those. Plenty of gory medical was great!!! There was an exhibit on the rescue workers at the Pentagon, there was something about the MASH units of the Korean War, and some things on STDs. THere were health screenings the day we went, so pretty soon Oncoblog will feature prostate cancer information.

The Spy Museum was chosen by the Better Half. It is basically all about people get into it, how to be good at it and famous spies in history, including Mata Hari. At the end, there was a segment about current events. The theme of the spy museum is "Things are not what they appear to be." John thinks he could be a spy. I think he'd be a really sexy spy, better than Bond. Plus, since he worked in the Navy for a while, he does know a lot about survival and using his instincts.

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