Monday, September 02, 2002

Today the Better Half and I watched the movie Godspell for the very first time. It is so cute. I have a feeling if it was done at WYD, I would have had a better time. If my WYD had consisted of helping the Sisters of Mercy and Godspell, it would have been perfect.

There is a scene in Godspell in which the cast re-enacts their version of the Good Samaritan parable. In their own silly way, they rejoice. Jesus tells them instead to do a good deed in secret, and don't do good deeds in order to get recognition- that's the worst. I agree wholeheartedly, but I have to sometimes feel like a hypocrate because I do toot my own horn a lot, especially with my nursing. I guess I have to draw the line between informing about what nurses do and tooting my own horn.

That shouldn't be too difficult...right???

UPDATE TO ONCOBLOG: Jenn waxes philosophical to Fr. John about psychiatric patients.

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