Sunday, September 15, 2002

Tonight was my cousins' joint birthday. Brendan is 16, and Kelly is 12. I can't believe how much they have grown.

Also there were my other much younger cousins, Bridget and Gene. I spoil them. The big thing with them now is collecting pennies. I dug in my purse and retrieved some. Bridget immediately put it in a sock. Gene stuffed his in his pocket. He was watching me sort through my change and asked if he could have the big quarter that was a part of my change. I gave both him and Bridge some loose change. Later on, their mom told Bridget she had to give it back, but I insisted they keep it. Remember when you were little, and you got a quarter, through some stroke of luck? And how stoked you were? I do.

Later on, as they were getting ready to leave, Gene, being a typical 2 year old, threw a mini-tantrum because he wanted something he couldn't have. A few minutes later, he came up to me, with his chubby hand full of the change I had given him. I think his punishment was that he had to give back the change. I tried to tell him to keep it, but he ended up saying, "No, I can't." and walked away.
It broke my heart. So for Christmas I've decided to give them piggy banks full of change. Maybe stuff a dollar in their pockets once in a while. It couldn't hurt.

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