Tuesday, October 08, 2002

As I watched with a shockingly high amount of glee, a soccer mom yelled at her crying 8 year old son in front of the Better Half's house today as they walked to a neighboring cul du sac, her 6-year old daughter in tow. I lifted Chessie to the window and showed her how grateful I am that she is a cat, and not a child.

I worked on my afghan during my chemo class. It helps me focus, and I absorb the information better. I can't sit still without doing something with my hands. Most of the people teaching and the students of the class don't mind, since I can take notes and knit at the same time, and I sit in the back and don't bother anyone. This class is so much fun, as it has my coworker friends Laurie, Lisa, Terry, Heather and Marion in it. We are going out to Nacho Mama's after class for fun and margaritas. Marion asked me if the afghan was for the Better Half. I thought about it, and decided that it would be our afghan, something we both could use, like on camping trips or something. I like the idea of making something we can share. Marion told me a horrible story about the time she made her exboyfriend, Felix, a quilt, made of scraps of fabric from old t-shirts or sheets that he slept on, and it had symbols on it of their life together. Marion said it took her a total of 52 hours to make it. The man loved it so much that when they had to deal with a long distance relationship, he would ask her to ship it to him after she slept with it for a week. Here comes the scary part- when the demise of the relationship occured, they had a bitter argument and he forced her to watch as he cut and ripped the quilt apart, then put the pieces of it into a garbage can and set it on fire, burning the quilt completely. I told Marion I would have hauled his bastard ass into People's Court seeking damages to the fabric, as well as payment for labor and reimbursement for mental cruelty and time lost off of work for mental anguish. Marion said, "All I could think about was '52 Hours!' " Luckly, she is able to laugh about it now. But she swears she'll never make something for a boyfriend ever again, no matter how much he loves and worships her.

I'd like to think the Better Half is a bigger man.

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