Thursday, October 03, 2002

Chessie has a playmate. He's one of the neighborhood cats. He's orange-yellow and white, so we call him Butters. He's constantly hanging around outside near our house, which leads me to believe his mommy and daddy are working parents and Butters is a latchkey cat. Last night I was going to work and Butters came out of the bushes in front of the Better Half's home and nearly scared the bejesus out of me. Luckly, I knew he wasn't a possum because he meowed and proceeded to rub against my leg. The other day the Better Half and the Mew were hanging out and somehow, Butters got in the house. Chessie kind of blew him off, until he went for her food dish. Then she got a bit pissed. Other than that, she didn't react really aggressively, which makes us optimistic she would tolerate another kitty swimmingly.

I've finally updated Oncoblog too. It's been a while, since work has owned my butt for the past two weeks.

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