Friday, October 18, 2002

Feelin better, ready to go back to work on Monday a lean mean nursing machine.

Today I went for a test known as an EEG, which measures my brain waves, to make sure everything is clicking right. The Better Half joked with me before hand that it sounded like I definately had a brain. I got to the place and checked in and met Ingrid, the admissions clerk, who was studying to be a TV anchorwoman and was getting ready to intern with Channel 6 News. It's the oldest channel in Richmond. It's apparently a really awesome place to work.

Well, I went up to the 4th floor and a very nice woman named Evelyn took me into a small room with a cot and computer. She put a rubber cap on my head with about 20 little electrodes on it, and poured a little bit of goo into each one so that the electodes could read my brain waves. She turned out the lights, and started the test, which resembles a richter scale and a lie detector. Basically, I just lay there for a bit, then Evelyn asked me to take deep breaths and then there was a bright light shone in my face, sometimes blinking or flashing. It was really interesting, as the light was so bright I could actually see the INSIDE OF MY EYELIDS! Very weird. Afterwards, Evelyn and I made small talk about working in medicine. The results are due to be back some time next week.

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