Wednesday, October 09, 2002

The girls and I finished chemo class and headed out to Nacho Mama's to eat and drink margaritas. In order for Heather's husband, Joe, whom I kept refering to as Matt (hey, he looked like a Matt) not to be the only boy, I convinced The Better Half to join us. It was also a bit of a plot to parade him in front of my friends...Shar proclaimed us "perfect for each other," and I was absolutely beaming. I ended up debating on seeing My Big Fat Greek Wedding with the fam, since I was a bit tipsy, but ended up going anyway. Nanny, Da (my great aunt), Kristen and her mother, Tricia, went and everyone loved the movie. Nanny kept saying, "it's so true to life." But Da was fixated on trying to find the actress whom Cousin Al said looked like our Aunt Rena, God rest her soul. Kristen and I just laughed. "And so it starts!" Kristen said.

This morning, I awoke to a furry purring face pressed up against mine. Chessie was apparently very cold and hungry. Her peak performance time is 4am, so she often wants attention at this time. She's rather unrelenting, even going so far as to sit on the Better Half's pillow above his head, so it looked like he was wearing a Daniel Boone hat. I think that we could nip the behavior in the bud if we just put food in her dish before bedtime, but at the same time, it's kind of nice when she snuggles close, plus, it's fun to have her see you off to work in the morning.

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