Saturday, October 19, 2002

Last night was my Grandfather's 75th birthday. He's always been a down-to-earth guy, really complimentary when it comes to his fam. He considers himself lucky. We had a small gathering with Papa's favorite, spice cake. On Sunday, we're having a big 'stravaganza, with all of the fam. Last night it was me, my dad, my aunt, my grandmother and my two uncles, and my cousins, Bridget and Baby Gene. They have two volumes: loud and louder. Baby Gene has become a Junior Emily Post. When the adults were talking, I accidently let an "Oh my God," slip and was corrected with an "Ohh, Jennifur, yur not sposed to say it dat way!" He also admonished my Uncle Bobby when he said the word, "stupid." I didn't let it hinder me from giving both him and his sister two shiny quarters.

A sweet moment came when Papa read his card from his son, Gene (Baby Gene's father) and they hugged. "Beautiful card; that's beautiful son. I love you so much."
My uncle replied, "I meant every word."

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