Thursday, November 28, 2002

Thanksgiving has always been great fun for me. It's my favorite holiday: stresses togetherness, lots of great food, and without that pressure of buying presents. My contribution to the Thanksgiving dinner is the famous cheeseball. The Better Half, being The Better Cook, has made chilled cranberry sauce, a recipe that he got from a friend's ex-girlfriend. I sampled a bit, and reassured him that my finicky fam would love it and if they didn't, I'd eat it all. The Better Half cooked French toast, and hot cocoa.

I am undertaking a rather ambitious house renovation/feng shui project at Casa De Jenn. I am finally parting ways with my old This End Up desk that I have had since age 11. I really don't use a desk anymore, and I type on a laptop. The good folks at St. Mary's Thrift are willing to take it, but if any of you guys need a desk, email me, and it's yours for free.

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