Saturday, November 30, 2002

Tonight we celebrated the arrival of the Better Half's parents into town by going into Carytown, eating at Nacho Mama's, then coffee at Bev's and a late evening showing of The Tuxedo at The Byrd. Mr. and Mrs. BH bought us Byrd dollars. The movie was pretty good, and Carytown is all good, as always.

I heard recently that a couple of Baheads flashed the other night at the bar. I don't know who, or the details of what happened that night. The only reason I bring it up is because this week's Entertainment Weekly has an article by Joel Stein about riding along during the making of Girls Gone Wild. The maker of this video, Joe Frances, has two quotes in this article which really say a lot. Mainly, "Man, this guy's an asshole!"
The first: "Christ could walk into the bar [where women were taking off their tops and bottoms for the camera] and start performing miracles and no one would notice. They'd say, 'Oh, another Jew is here.'"
The second: "Girls [strip for free because they] want to get wild. It is a liberating thing for them."

Okay ladies. I'll level with ya here. I don't flash my naked tahs in public because a) I don't wanna, and b) I feel it would disrespect my man to jiggle the twins in the faces of other men. But I don't think I am better than those who do. I don't disrespect the Baheads who disagree with me. But I want you to think before you flash. Do you really want to give an ass clown like Joe Frances and guys like him the privilage of seeing your breasts? If the answer is yes then at least settle on tit for tat. Let these guys drop drawers. C'mon liberated. I promise I won't giggle too loudly when it's too small. :)

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