Monday, December 09, 2002

Back to the drawing board. Barbara called, and she told me that the company had decided not to hire anyone just now.

I felt schmucky, but maybe this is a sign from above telling me to keep trying. So, try I must. I'm following up with the Dermatology offices. I realize that hospital nursing needs to be an option now. I've applied to several area hospitals with some positions, mostly med-surg nursing units. Also, I'm not ruling out the military. I've asked for info from the Navy and the Army. Also, the dean of my college is the director of Red Cross Nursing in Richmond, so I am looking at that as well (volunteer experience most likely, but it's something productive to do in the mean time.) Then there is the nursing agencies in the area...I'd even do part time work (with benefits hopefully)...heck, right now, I'd shovel shit out of crackhouses if that's what the job required.

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