Thursday, December 12, 2002

I started back to work today. The place is nice, the work doesn't strike me as too difficult, and it's a constant pace, but not overwhelming. I like my supervisors, Anne and Laura, and the two medical assistants, Sarah and Nerja, are knowledgable and pleasant. I have my own little space with a computer, and I can put up pictures of the Better Half, the Mew, and the dogs. They pay for our scrubs, which is something that I had to pay for at the hospital. I'm going to be crosstrained, so pretty soon I'll be able to do anything from working with the patients to operating the front desk. I love having every weekend off, all the major hollidays off, and the hours aren't obscene. It's definately worth the pay cut I took, which wasn't too bad. I threw a lot of money around when I worked for the hospital, and not having enough when I wound up needing it. Living on a budget seems comfortable. I'll be less inclined to waste money.

Tonight is the Freedom House Benefit at the Pub. The Better Half has his final, and afterwards, we will see each other there.

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