Tuesday, December 31, 2002

New Year's Resolutions to come.

One of which is that I will try to be a better friend. Take my friend John Y. He's not only very easy-going, he's got his house, and although in between jobs right now, he is a successful graphic artist. Sounds great, doesn't he, girls? HA! Too late, my procrastinating friends, because he is taken. He's met a lovely woman named Theresa and he's very happy.

Also, my friend Marian, who is a 4.0 scholar at my alma mater, Virginia Commonweath University. She is kind, thoughtful, introspective, never overbearing, energetic and fun. Boys, she's a looker- tall, red hair. Makes Julia Roberts look horsey. Sounds good? HA! Jeez, where were you people? She's met a mysterious stranger whose swept her of her feet. Even if their first date was friendly tea time, it looks positive.

Pamela has got to be one of the coolest people on the planet. She has a great dog, does Akito, and I am somewhat envious of her independent lifestyle. One of the neatest things, to me, about Pamela, is that, even though she is really great, she never lets her head swell.

Karelle is really creative. She makes hats. Very pretty hats. Also, fleece wraps. I wore the one she gave me for Christmas to the Nutcracker, and I was stylin'. She also always wins first prize at Halloween because her costumes are untouchable. And pretty much every regular knows it. Still, it's fun to see outsiders try to compete with her, thinking they had a snowball's chance in Hell.

Her brother Grantham is always cool. He too has his own house. He and I have been pals for a while, but a few days ago he left a message on my voice mail that started, "Good evening." He's found someone too, and although I haven't met her yet, he seems happy with her.

Chris Ramos stood out in Richmond December weather (not really threatening, but still really cold!) and got us Springsteen tickets. He's also a really good writer. His stuff is some of the best I've read.

Gotta run, minor emergency...to be continued.

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