Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Okay, the movie, according to MaximumRussellCrowe.com, is a film called The Crossing, a 1991 Austrailian film featuring Danielle Spencer, who is his girlfriend now. It's about a love triangle...he plays Johnny, one of the boys, and she plays the girl he and his best friend that they are fighting over...apparently, before I tuned in, one of them had come back to town to find the other canoodling with the lass. It's kind of the same plot line as Pearl Harbor (a.k.a here as Ben Affleck's Chest) with accents. Except Russell is much more fine a specimen then Affleck. Trouble is, the other guy in this flick, playing the best friend, Sam, is kind of nerdy, so obviously the Anti-Russ.

Uh-oh. Apparently, the highly terrifying climactic scene is happening right now. A drunk Russ sees Danielle and Sam dancing together. Pissed, he smacks Sam one and gets in his truck. Danielle climbs in with him, then Sam chases them in his truck. Russ is going very fast, because he's drunk. He looks very hot however, in his tank top. She's screaming, there's a train coming, oh-no, look out Sam...DAMN IT, they cut to a commercial!

Oh no, we're back now. Russ is cradling the train-squashed Sam in his arms. Danielle screams and sobs...cut to a shot of a cross with a steeple. Never a good sign. Danielle walks through a graveyard...also not a good sign. Russ is with her, he looks very fine in a brown and olive green shirt and pants combo with matching tie. He wanders off to look at headstones. She places flowers at a grave, who's name I didn't see because I'm typing at the same time. But it doesn't look good for poor Sam. Russ and Danielle look at each other forlornly. That is definately not a good sign. Fade out. And we have closing credits.

Ah, how I love Australian cinema.

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