Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Questions I've been pondering recently, and the answer...I think. DISCLAIMER: People, you've been great during my rantings, have respected my wishes and have not sent me hate mail or viruses. Again, I would like to say that I don't care to debate you if you disagree with me. I do this blog mainly because it helps me process things, but also to link sites that I feel are fun, informative, comforting, and worthwhile. I advise you not to take me too seriously, as I don't even take myself very seriously.
1) What would Jesus Drive? An SUV?
Yep. The best SUV Jerusalem had to offer: A donkey named Nester. But personally, I think that the recent dragging of the name of Christ into a debate about automobiles is really stupid. I don't agree with the argument that SUVs are evil. Cars are just objects. I don't friggin care what you drive, so long as you can maneuver the car safely. And if you can't do that, please don't hit me (2000 Cherry Red VW Beetle with Virginia Plates). I have a feeling however, if you are out there driving a car unsafely, you're driving days are numbered. Chances are you will be in an accident, total your car, and have to buy a new one. Chances are, given that you are a somewhat intelligent human being, you will not choose another SUV. But I could be wrong.

2) What is the Pope's favorite movie?
According to Perhaps I Love You More: Why Millions Love Pope John II, the "Papal Trivia" section states that His Holiness' fave flicks are: Ghandi, Life is Beautiful, and Schindler's List. These are all excellent choices, but I must say that I don't believe His Holliness has seen Caddyshack yet. I believe that if he does see this ingenious film, it will trump the other three and become his favorite movie.

3) Willl Wynona Ryder go to Hell for stealing?
No, she'll go for many a crappy film she made. (Just kidding- but stealing is wrong. She's gotta be punished via the law. As for remorse, I don't think she really has any. Therein, for me and many, lies the problem. Sure, she's done a bunch of humanitarian things, but if I had to choose a celebrity to represent my organization, I wouldn't choose her because I couldn't trust her. I think a lot of people now find her untrustworthy and disrespect her. And in the real world, not Hollywood, that goes a long way, and she will have a long way to go to earn that trust again.) As for the Hell part...I don't know. It's not up to me.

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