Monday, December 16, 2002

So far so good with the job. Today was a full rich day, but I still had enough down time to read Cosmo in between patients. The drug reps fed us free lunch, but it was packed with carbs and calories, which is typical of most drug rep company lunches. I'm trying to get to know the doc's: who's clumsy, who's a chatterbox, who's a perfectionist, who's the one who wants you to "move quickly," who gets nasty about their schedules. Considering I've worked with some of the biggest egos in the city at my last job, this bunch seems pretty laid-back, and almost always pleasant. At the hospital, I remember there was one doctor who almost always turned up his nose at the site of the nurses. The Better Half and I got invited to the office Christmas shindig, so I figure we'd make an appearance then head to the pub. The only prob is that the Better Half will have to dress up, then dress down to go to NJ right after the pub, as he is heading up there for the hollerdays.

Tonight, turkey burgers, tomato soup, green beans, brown rice, then yoga with Pamela at the Y.

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