Wednesday, December 04, 2002

So, on a recent trip to fellow Bahead John Y.'s blog, Mixed Nuts (click on the link to the left to take you there), he discusses the new reality show Joe Millionaire. Apparently, this show is about a gaggle of women who fly to France in hopes of rocking the world of a guy who they believe has recently inherited $50 million dollars. In truth, it turns out that the man is a construction worker who makes about 19 grand a year. But the girls don't know that. The guy in question is honest about everything else in his life...except the money.

Okay, I'd like to do a reality show entitled, "Reality TV People and Ebola Virus," in which we put all the contestants, cast members, network executives, directors and producers of these crappy shows in an airtight glass house with one port-a-potty and a monkey. Once they start hating each other, we introduce, probably during sweeps week, The Ebola Virus, which will be piped in through air ducts, food and the monkey that will chase everyone around and bite them. (Monkeys equal huge ratings. Everyone loves monkeys!). Basically, I am hoping that the virus will work slowly, so we can get at least two seasons out of this. I'm almost thinking we could fuck with them and have an internet poll in which viewers can vote as to which viral fuckface gets vaccinated at the end of the show. The big payoff for the last person left standing: a ventalator and three hours of nursing care a week!

I would definately watch that.

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