Thursday, December 26, 2002

Today I got to experience two inspiring stories about two very different men. This morning, the winner of the Powerball $314 million lotto came forward. He's 55 and president of his company. He plans to expand his business because he had to recently lay off about 25 of his 117 workers because of the economy. Now he says he wants to enhance his company with the winnings so he can hire them all back and put them to work. I thought it was great that the winning ticket went to someone so cool and I am glad to hear he will put the money to such good use.

The second is about Father Mychal Judge, who was the first official casualty of the World Trade Center attacks on Sept. 11th. It turns out he was a fan of Black 47, the Irish rock group based out of New York. Black 47 wrote a beautiful song about him entitled "Mychal." When you read about his life, you realize that he was an ordinary person in an extraordinary situation, which leads many to believe he should be cannonized a saint in the Catholic church. I'm not really sure about going that far, but it sounds like he was the type of priest I thought I would really love to get to know. He reminds me in a lot of ways of Father John- fun, somewhat unconventional, and affectionate. At Christmas Eve Mass, he was so excited because we had a huge crowd of about 1600. It was good to see him jovial. I worry about him with all the stuff that has been going on.

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