Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Trying to ease into a groove at the job wasn't easy today. Wednesday is the infamous day at the office. There are three doctors there all day, so there is plenty to do. So far, I've been able to work with most of them. For the most part, it isn't a question of competence. They are all really really good doctors. The challenge for the patient is just to find one that you mesh well with personality-wise.

Dr. B so far is my favorite. He is an eccentric boss, but he isn't mean-spirited or calious. I've recommended him already to the Better Half and my Dad. He's a bit chatty, laid back, very knowledgable.

Dr. S. is very personable and nice. She is younger, southern. She always greets me when I come in.

Dr. C is professional and very perfectionistic. I take her with a grain of salt. She complains and points out every mistake we make on the chart. She's very efficient with her patients. My uncle went to her once and loved her. She's the kind of doctor you go to when you hate doctors, because she'll get you out of there fast without seeming like she's giving you the brush-off.

Dr. J is younger, practicing medicine about a year. She takes her time with her patients. She's probably the strongest doctor clinically. I recommended her for my sister.

Dr. E is the pathologist of the group, but he also sees patients. He's my favorite to work with because he is FAST. He's one of those old school docs.

Dr. A is the only doc who sometimes acts like a typical doc. He can be kind of squirrely at times. He seems to flirt a lot with one of the other nurses, the only one he acknowledges, really. He hasn't crossed me personally, but from what I heard, it's only a matter of time before he shows his spots.

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