Sunday, December 15, 2002

Wow! Russell Crowe is getting married! He proposed to Danielle Spencer last night! I am really happy for him. No, really. I'll have to take down Russ off my fridge, because it just seems weird to have a soon-to-be-married man on my fridge. That will be neat. He could knit stuff for the kids they'll have!

Last night we had BBQ and Brunswick stew at my dad's house. After which, my cousin Kristen, and the Better Half and I went back to my house for a cup of decaf. I served them Folger's decaf, which, after much searching, I've decided is the best home brew that is sold in stores. Kristen and John, who aren't big coffee drinkers, raved about the coffee. The only other coffee that I think is better is the brew from Krispy Kreme, and the incredible coffee from Tim Horton's which we discovered when we went to Windsor.

I feel good about my job decision. It's a great lifestyle...I can't really say that I'm absolutely ga-ga about dermatology, but I feel I can offer a lot to the practice, and I will do the job the best I can. For the first time in two years, I won't have to work Christmas or New Year's. All of my weekends are mine. I grew tired of watching baheads and boyfriend trot off to a fun event without me. I can commit to weekend activities and evening exercise classes, and basketball games.

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