Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Although I am trying to avoid turning this into BrideBlog, I must admit, this wedding stuff is kind of fun and funny at the same time. I've become a rather insatiable sap, and I've only been engaged for a few days. I'm hoping I don't become a blob of jello come July of 2004. That's when we're having the wedding. Co-inciding with the Summer Olympics.

I have to admit, the Nuptual Bug has really sunk his teeth into the Better Half. Today he came to drop off some gym clothes for me at work, and asked Debbie and Gil, our receptionists, for "his fiancee" and then remarked "Ahh, I love saying that, 'my fiancee.' " Sure, it's cute. For now.

I realize that my family is the "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" family. My Nanny and Kristen, my co-Maid of Honor (MOH) brought me the Bride's Guide to Ettiquette. I must admit I find this book useful. To me, there is nothing sadder than a tacky wedding. Except maybe a tacky funeral.

Joke of the Day:
Q: How does Michael Jackson pick his nose?
A: Out of a catalog.

Wakka wakka wakka. Granted, when Dr. B told it during a surgical procedure, it was ten times more funny.

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