Tuesday, January 21, 2003

I find it rather funny about all the recent stuff about the "authenticity" of reality TV. Apparently, network execs are being critiqued because some of the contestants chosen for these shows were not completely honest about their backgrounds (i.e. Rick Rockwell being worth a million dollars, or that 3 survivor contestants work together, or that couple on Temptation Island having a child together).

Gee, what a shocker.

Finding reality TV show contestants with morals is like trying to find original cartilage in Michael Jackson's nose. Hello? You get people together, tell them to screw each other over, last man/woman standing wins a million dollars, and you expect saints incarnate to show up to the audition? These desperate, pathetic, misguided, intellectual equivalents of horse snot you call "contestants" are not creme-de-la-creme human beings. If they were, they'd be out working for a living, and avoiding the sleaze, ease and skeeze of a reality tv career. Audiences watch because it's NOT The Waltons or Providence, or carries a moral message. They watch, just like our ancestors watched the gladiators in Ancient Rome, because they want to see how the scourge of humanity lives and suffers. As long as there is that impulse to look when passing a bad car accident, the popularity of fads like reality TV will always endure.

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