Friday, January 17, 2003

I was actually surprised at the number of patients who braved the snow and and decided to keep their appointments. Dr B. bought us Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and gave me an innovative idea for an engagement photo by showing me pictures of his kids. He and his family are really cute, suburban people. Their Christmas card is very nice.

So tonight the Better Half and I went to Border's to look at books. I found a big pink mama-jama wedding planner and diary. It was really cool, in that it has pictures from "actual" weddings. Granted, a lot of them are rather goofy, but half the fun was snickering at them, knowing "oh that so is not going to happen with ours!" Soon the Better Half was joining in on the fun. We decided to continue the fun with a few bride mags as well. There's Southern Bride, East Cost Bride, Big Olde Bride, Bitchy Bride, Anxious Bride, Bride With A Bun In The Oven, and my personal favorite, Bratty Bride. Actually, I got the Martha Stewart Weddings and In Style Weddings. More pictures to snicker at.

Not so funny was the ride home. We were ready to cross a median when I looked over and saw the Better Half clutching his head. It turns out his blood sugar had dramatically dropped since he got into the car. He was nodding off at the wheel. I got him to pull over, we switched seats and I promptly drove into a McDonalds to get some food. He hadn't eaten since 11. It worried me, but I tried to keep my cool for his sake. I felt a lot better after he scarfed down and Big N' Tasty and the majority of my fries. It was a relief when we got home, and he perked up quickly at the site of Butters romping around in the snow in the front lawn. I realized then that the wedding wasn't the most important thing. The marriage that follows it...that's what is most important. Scary as it was, that event really put things in perspective.

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