Monday, January 13, 2003

I've been wearing these very artificial looking acrylic nails for less than 24 hours now. I now know why I never strived for my cosmotology license. They need a lot of work.

I caught a cold this weekend. I think all the emotion, combined with not bundling up my sweaty self against the cold, caused it. I took the day off to rest, because I absolutely no energy. The Better Half sleeps the entire day when he is sick. But he usually is only sick for 24 hours, and once in a blue moon. After that 24 hour hibernation is over, he's back to his old self. Chessie is sleeping at my feet, snoring with little "mew" sounds on her exhale. She's still not used to the idea that Mommy will become a permanent staple in her house. The Better Half is still Her Person, she only comes to me when she's hungry and can't wake him up or he's not around. Still, I think she is slowly warming up to me, as she hasn't moved the entire day. Either it's love or sheer laziness.

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