Sunday, January 12, 2003

Okay. So yesterday, I go to the Y, do my EzFit class, see Ed from UB there, and go home, gather up my laundry to take over the Better Half's house. Nonchalant, I find him sitting on the couch, looking tired. "Sit down here," he tells me, and I flop down next to him and put my feet up.

"We need to talk about something."

Uh-oh. "Okay, what is up?"

"Well, I've been thinking l don't like where our relationship is right now. I feel the need to change. I'm going to have to ask for my class ring back."

Immediately, my hands shot up to my neck, where my Christmas present from John was. I started to undo the clasp. My mind was racing, hoping that whatever was bothering him about us, we could work out. Meantime, he reached for his pocket.

"Because I want you to have this ring instead." He produced a red box, and for a moment, I thought, 'Oh, he's giving me his college ring now. I've moved a step up.'

He opened the box to reveal a princess cut carat with matching bagets and a platinum setting. While my heart was jumping into my throat, John told me he loved me, got down on one knee and attempted to ask me to marry him. Keyword being attempted, because my brain had just registered that he was proposing, and before he could really get the phrase out, I was jumping up and down and laughing. I called my parents, then my Nanny who quickly spread the word amongst the family, then my sister, then Marian, my closest Bahead friend. .We later went to Nanny's and had a champagne toast as my female family members clucked and cooed over the ring. After Mass, where more people, including Father John, clucked and cooed, we went out to Peking for dinner, saw Taryn, and then attempted to see "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," but we were both so exhausted with all the emotion of the day, we decided to call it a night. It was pretty magical. I'm still smiling uncontrollably. Those who know and love me, please know I will try, within the next year and a half, not to become Bridezilla: The Obscessive Queen of Tying The Knot. I will try to live as normal life as possible. I will just try to have better looking fingernails. That is all.

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