Sunday, January 26, 2003

So, our Super Bowl party was rather just Average Bowl. No one really cared about the teams involved, and my family always hates the halftime show, where the women always seemed to be too scantily dressed, and the music always almost mediocre. Last year's was really nice, with U2 and the 9-11 Tribute, but Sting really disappointed me this year. My uncles came through with the food. Brian made some great buffalo wings and Gene's BBQ was really really good. My teenage cousin Kelly won $5 in the first quarter, and we all laughed at the Osbournes Pepsi Commercial. I was glad that the network had the decency to refrain from that god-awful Miller Lite commercial in which those two bimbos tear each other clothes off and wrestle in the water. Yucko. I wish they did a commercial featuring women dissing men by making cracks about their penis sizes. I've decided to boycott Miller Beer because of that ad. Not that I drink it to begin with, I think mule piss would be more appetizing.

I've never been a football guru, and watching the game usually isn't done without my knitting in my lap, but I've come to appreciate the game in the last few years. Maybe because my cousin and sister are huge Virginia Tech fans, and going to a Tech game is always contageous fun. The Oakland fans remind me a bit of the Tech fans- dedicated, fun-loving, rather vocal when their team wins, but sheepish when they lose. It looks like Tampa may win, which is nice, because they've never won before.

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