Saturday, January 04, 2003

Sorry haven't updated much. The Better Half and I have been spending a lot of high-quality, low-cost time together. Today we battled the crowds to see Titanic Science exhibit at the Science Museum. Apparently everyone in the city had our idea. The IMAX Titanic movie was sold out for the next three performances. It was a neat exhibit, full of artifacts and tidbits about how the ship sank mostly and how it was recovered. At the beginning, you get a card with a passenger's name and class and at the end of the exhibit, you can check to see if your person survived. Mine was a third class lady who didn't survive. But the Better Half's passenger, also third class, did survive the sinking. There was a story of a woman who worked on the Titanic and two other ships that met with sinkings. I would not have let her on my boat for fear she was jinxed. Afterwards, we spent a chunk of time discussing what would have happened if we were passengers on the Titanic:
HIM: I would have made you get on a lifeboat.
ME: I wouldn't have left you.
HIM: I would have picked you up and put you on the lifeboat.
ME: Well, then, I would have kicked you in the nuts to stop you.
HIM: The women and children go first. That is the rule. Don't worry, I would have gotten on the boats with the other men.
ME: You know I like to bend the rules. And there were no boats for the men, even the first class passengers. Considering a first-class ticket on the Titanic would have had a modern day cost of $50,000, we would have been in steerage. You would have been shark food.
HIM: Most likely.
ME: RIght. Don't be silly, I am not leaving you behind. We're a package deal. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I survived a situation that you didn't? The life I want doesn't happen if you're not in the picture.
HIM: Yes, but who would take care of Chessie?
ME: The person we asked to house sit while we were away going on to the Titanic. People would be fighting over her. We don't have to worry about her welfare.
HIM: So we'd be just like Mr. and Mrs. Astor. Remember the movie A Night to Remember? She didn't leave him.
ME: You're thinking of the Strauses, the couple that owned Macy's. Mr. Astor died. Mrs. Astor got on a lifeboat. She was pregnant at the time. But, did you notice that at the exhibit they were mentioned but the Strauses weren't?
HIM: Well, maybe they wanted to focus more on the common passenger's experience?
ME: John Jacob Astor was the richest man aboard the Titanic.
HIM: Well, maybe. But I know this: I would be the richest man on the Titanic because I have you!
ME: And you just helped me prove why I wouldn't have left you. :)

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