Monday, January 27, 2003

Tonight the Better Half and I had a rare night where we were completely alone. We ate leftover tuna alfredo, drank red wine and hot chocolate, and we watched, with bemused horror, the last 15 or so minutes of the Fox reality show Bridezillas, in which psycho brides, their mothers, their wedding planners, and their gay and female cohorts wreak havoc on all that is matrimonious. It was rather disturbing to watch. Basically, these women acted horribly, then at the end, expected themselves to morph back into their pre-nuptual selves. I have a sickening feeling that many of those marriages won't last. There was very little equality or balance between the brides and grooms- most of the men were portrayed as befuddled, well-intentioned buffoons caught in the middle of a hurricane, seeing the mothers of their children and future mates sphew venom at hotel managers, florists, caterers, waiters, French videographic artistes, and other poor saps with really nice intentions. At one point, a bride turned towards the camera and said, with her fiance in earshot, "I hate him. He's absolutely no help whatsoever." I have a feeling most of the show was edited to portray the brides as wicked wedding wenches, and I have a feeling they will look at themselves and feel ashamed and pissed off at the same time. But hey, it is Fox, your show came on before Joe Millionaire, so you might have figured something was up.

The Better Half turned to me and practically begged me not to become as controlling and abusive as the brides were to their husbands and loved ones. I didn't have the heart to tell him how I was feeling yesterday (see below blog entry). Plus, I'd wanted to believe that I was above the Bridezillas and the bitchiness. Because I can't really pull off a bitch vibe without appearing passive-aggressive. For me, it's much more fulfilling being pleasant and agreeable. And to be perfectly honest, for me, a perfect wedding isn't something I'm craving. I mean, those of you who really know me and my Better Half know that we are so not perfect! I think not a Thursday goes by at Rare Olde Times where I don't dribble something on my shirt, and John had no idea who the Osmonds were. How are we gonna pull off a perfect wedding? All we can hope for is something that's not tense, a lot of fun, and a start to a great life together.

I just hope I can keep this perspective in the months to come. I'm still glad that I don't have a yacht. Or that I am not Lisa Marie Presley. Or a Bridezilla...
To be continued...

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