Thursday, January 09, 2003

Wow. So much for fun and exercise. I was interested in taking a spinning class. Key word: WAS. But tonight, I was sort of turned off by it. I got there right at 5:45PM when the class started, and knew it was bad when they were calling roll. Usually classes at the Y are a lot more inclusive. Anyway, Mary Anne, a blonde Susan Powder Stop the Insanity lookalike, abrasively informed me that I should have gotten there ten minutes early. I told her I would come back, and she agreed that was a good idea. Meaning: get out of my class, you late wench. My self esteem, which was so high on self-pride that I was going out and working out, fell like a ton of bricks off the Sears Tower. I was even more embarassed that I missed the display right next to the room about the spinning class. Susan W.'s Easy Fit class it ain't- apparently, you have to register the previous day for each individual class. You can't just sign up for a couple of classes. Nope. I guess it makes sense, with the bike rentals and all, but I say, if you don't have the resources to make it fun and inclusive, don't have the class. Wait and offer it when it can be fun, you have enough bikes and you don't have to kick people out of class. I'm almost tempted to complain, but instead I'll find a class more suitable. Up yours, you spinny nerds! (No pun intended)

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