Sunday, February 09, 2003

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I have busy and tired. The Better Half has been dealing with his allergies, and his lip is swollen to four times it's normal size.

Yesterday I took a class at the Virginia Museum entitled Creative Thinking Workshop. I thought it'd be a lot of fun. I wasn't disappointed. For an icebreaker, we each took off our right shoe, put it at our place at the table, then walked around and randomly stopped at another person's shoe. Then we had to write an "ode to the shoe." Other stuff included writing questions with our right hand while our left hand answered the questions. We made shrines to creativity out of match books, and we got to write about scenes we picked out of magazines. It was very good for my spiritual growth.

The Better Half and I are trying to decide where to go for our honeymoon. We first thought of Bermuda. But we realize Bermuda is expensive and somewhat sweltering in the summer. Not to mention the possibility of hurricanes sweeping by. So we're picking some alternatives. Frankly, we want a place we've never been before, somewhere we can just unwind from the hoopla that most likely will be our wedding. Also, it must be weather-friendly in July. We just finished looking at Vermont. It's driveable, it's quiet, and hopefully it's not sweeping with tourists hauling their pukey kids off to bond with nature and history. It will be interesting to see where we end up.

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