Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Tired. Aerobics class was good tonight. I'll sleep well. I think I will think about my regimen tomorrow while I am at the cozy Chippenham office. I've decided that stationary bike is great. I sit, pedal, and either read a mag or knit. But I realize I need aerobics stengthening and toning as well. So I think I will take Pilates.

Meantime, the Better Half has been obscessed with the song "Da Butt"ever since he saw it on our potential DJ's most popular song request sheet. I can't imagine my elderly relatives "Doin' Da Butt" at our wedding reception. But still, John will just sing the refrain at random times during the day. He just IMed me- Doin Da Butt.

In other big family news, my Nanny bought a new car. A Honda Civic. Sand colored. Only because her old clunker Honda failed inspection miserably. I can't imagine. She's only had the car since I was 10. Drove it to and fro Virginia Beach every weekend. And applied her old lady driving techniques to the brakes. Almost got car jacked in 1997, but that's another story for another time.

Ah. Remainder of the night- watch South Park, knit Better Half's sweater, contemplate spiritual growth and exercise regimen. Life is good.

Doin Da Butt.

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