Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Today was tough, getting back to work after three days off. Tomorrow, I work with a doctor whom I have mixed feelings about, professionally. Luckly, I feel the support of the staff with me. Laura, Sarah and Nirja are really great. I got to keep that in mind when my spirits are low, and can't take anything personally.

So, for anthropological reasons, the Better Half and I checked out the last episode of "Joe Millionaire." Our conclusions:
1) We're all going to Hell
2) Joe/Evan reminds us of Cronk from The Emperor's New Groove.
3) Flipping between this cliffhanger and the Dateline episode about Michael Jackson's documentary made us feel dirty...even if it was "research."
4) The best fairy tales are animated and feature cameos of fat precocious mice that can talk, sing and sew a ballgown for the heroine all in one scene. (It's called Cinderella. Rent it.)
5) Needless to say, the experience stunted my spiritual growth.

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