Saturday, March 01, 2003

DISCLAIMER: This next post is about slavery. I don't condone slavery in any way. I think it's rather evil to think that you can own another human being because you are rich. However, if you are proud of your family history and it just so happens that your family owned slaves, please know that I don't single out anyone, nor do I think your family deserves any retribution, nor do I judge your family for their past. This post is satire, based on my observations and thoughts that I happen to think are amusing, and nothing else. However, if you are reading this post and you are Jane Seymour, please know that I seriously think you pick really stupid acting gigs. There, I said it.

I was flipping thru the channels this evening, and came across a movie on the Hallmark channel about slavery. It starred Jane Seymour, and it looked like she borrowed the costumes and scenery off of that "Dr. Quinn" show she does. Anyway, the scene was that she was participating in the Underground Railroad, and her hubby, a rich, white, slaveowner, got mad when he found out and set fire to the house in order to kill the runaway slaves. Also, possibly her in the process. And then he blamed her, saying because she loved slaves (except he used a cruel derrogatory term) and not him, she made him burn down the house.

That almost justifies the whole Lorena Bobbitt thing.

Keep in mind, this was a time when a man's wife was his property, so he probably wouldn't have gotten arrested if she did die. It would have been called "an unfortunate stove accident cause by an unintelligent woman who most likely practiced witchcraft in her spare time and is probably burning in Hell right now anyway because she was such a burden on her poor husband."

Okay, it does justify that whole Lorena Bobbitt thing.

Also, something I have noticed about movies about slavery that just didn't seem right. It seems that, in most movies about slavery, that the slave owners are depicted as white, skinny, frigid, puss older men named Percy who look rather frail. And their pale, frigid families in tow. They are rather loathesome, and you grow to hate them because they are really really cruel and one-dimentional, just like the real life slave owners.This movie was no exception. And the slaves are depicted as burly, big, strong, loving, wise people, with great faith, hope and patience, knowing that someday, something good like freedom will come. The frail, nasty Percy slave owner man whips, beats, and humiliates the nice big loving people. The only sweet justice or retribution in these movies for the slaves is when one or two of the frail white puss slave owner's children contracts the typhoid and dies a miserable death in a dramatic scene. I would like to see a movie in which the slaves decide that their lives will continue to stink royally unless they take action, and in the ending climactic scene end up storming the house, snap the frigid slave owner like an icicle, and live happly ever after.

I also didn't want to believe that Old Yeller or Bambi's mom lived long, happy lives ever after in their respective movies. That's just the kind of little world I live in, thank you very much.

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