Monday, March 17, 2003


The Better Half had two announcements this morning: 1) "I made you a mango breakfast shake." 2) "We are at war."

As I am typing this, we are approximately 24 hours into the second war on Saddam. At least, I think it's the second. Have there been more?

NPR is saying a U.S. Marine helicopter crashed in Kuwait, with no survivors. There is no classical music tonight. All news about the war.

The Better Half is snoozing beside me, an Achilles Tendon injury keeping him from being in Iraq right now. He was medically discharged from the Navy when he tore his Achillies in college. I'm almost ashamed how relieved I am right now. My former coodinator, Laura, told me her boyfriend may get called to go to the Middle East. If so, she said they were going to go to a Justice of the Peace before he leaves and get married.

We went out to the pub tonight. We made fun of some rather nubile kids at a table nearby. We laughed, we drank, we sang to the music. It was a nice escape.

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