Sunday, March 02, 2003

So, this weekend, my Better Half is on a spiritual retreat, so I had time to myself. I spent it in the most productive way I felt like- I rented DVDs and vegged. Okay, I also went to Mass and our Family Theology Group, as well as The Gap, but otherwise, I spent my time reviewing movies:

1) About A Boy- I love Hugh Grant, and here he was brilliant. The plot is a very shallow man meets a single mother and her nerdy kid. Hugh pulls it off without you wanting to hate his guts. The kid in the movie is great too. The movie is based on the novel by Nick Horneby, and it's apparently better than the movie.

2) Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. The first movie I've seen where Southern women imbibe. And man, do they imbibe. Set in Louisiana, it stars a very talented group of women (Maggie Smith, Sandra Bullock, and the divine Ashley Judd) as a group of friends who've seen each other through thick and thin. Easy to follow. Good message. Funny as hell. Will remind you of your family, if you've grown up in a matriarchial setting.

3) The Miracle Maker. Claymation story of Jesus Christ's later life, which I found enjoyable and not too scary for the kiddies. In fact, some of it is told through the viewpoint of a small girl whom Jesus heals. Ralph Fiennes is the voice of Jesus, and he does a fantastic job. It's a good rental for Lent (for you fellow "church nerds," as Father John calls us.)

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