Thursday, March 13, 2003

So, we're a fart smell away from being at war...

And, Elizabeth Smart, thank God, is back home with her family, where she belongs, and her captors are in jail, where they belong...

And, a recent poll states that many Americans are sick of reality TV and it could be on it's way to decline...

And, Russell Crowe has decided to skip nups in Fiji and marry Danielle Spencer in a church that is currently being constructed on his own property...

And I am sooo glad I'm not watching MSNBC right about now. Nope, heard all of these stories on the radio. (Although, when I heard the thing about the Smart girl, I almost drove off the road.) Granted, I have watched a few shows here and there, mostly Discovery Channel documentaries on the Great Pyramids. I've been trying to get out a bit more, which is why I am exhausted today. I didn't go to the pub tonight simply because I was so tired I could cry by 11 this morning. Dr. A and Dr. S kept me busy yesterday. It was all good though. Today was not as hectic, but I was bitchy because I was tired.

On Tuesday night I attended a lecture about Just War and the Catholic Church, and how it applies to the impending doom with Iraq. No matter what, the lecture stressed we should support our troops, because they are the servants of security, helping to maintain peace. I don't condone people who spit on soldiers or call them babykillers. I don't condone war, and I strive for peace, but I love and respect my brothers and sisters who are willing to go and fight to defend my chicken ass against a dangerous menace.

As for this whole Iraq thing, I'm not really sure I can figure out why we're going to fight them. They MAY or MAY NOT have biochemical weapons. Honestly, I don't think Saddam had anything to do with 9/11. According to most reports, he and Bin Laden don't really play well together. Although I think he's still a dick and those South Park parodies of him are awesome! Anyhoo, according to Just War principles, which is what the Catholic church supports, Saddam would basically have to show up on a yacht off the coast of Tampa armed with a big phallic-shaped missile that said "Kiss My Ass Yanks" on the side of it, pointed in the direction of D.C. and he's giving the finger with one hand and has the button in the other, in order for our side to be justified in retaliation. Otherwise, it just ain't right. Nuclear weapons are a big no-no as well, because in a just war, you can't sacrifice innocent civilians. Also, just war needs to be a last resort, declared by a competent authority, and one side must be significantly more right than the other. It's very confusing. So, I've decided to advocate for peace by active nonviolence. It's a bit easier to comprehend:
Don't kill, even if you think he/she deserves it.
Love your brothers and sisters, even if they're assholes sometimes.
Make peace and love, not war. Remember, you gotta strive for it, but it's worth it.
Support those who are willing to defend freedom.
Don't spit on anyone, unless you're Greek and it's a sign of good luck.
Remember it's okay to laugh at Saddam on South Park. It's damn funny.
Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups, like on cable news networks.
And always wear sunscreen and support public radio.

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