Friday, March 07, 2003


I went with the Better Half and my Maid of Honor, Kristen to the Bruce Springsteen concert last night. We decided to leave early, skip dinner and get down there as to not battle the traffic. We got there at about 6:15. We walked in and immediately felt giddy. We braved the mob to buy T-shirts and then took our seats. We were approximately 60 feet away, on an incline, but we had a clear view of everyone, and a Jumbotron in front of us to catch the close-ups.

Having slurped down overpriced beers, I realized how badly I had to go to the bathroom, approximately five minutes before showtime. Luckly we were on the aisle, so we could get in and out easily. As I got out, I heard the roar of the crowd. The bathroom was about three sections away, and I ran so as not to miss the introductions of the band. I got there just as Stevie and Clarence Clemmons were coming out. As Bruce came out, everyone shouted his name "Bruuuuuuuce!" which horrified my cousin, because she thought the crowd was booing him at first.

It was an amazing experience. I watched the crowds around me, mostly people my age and older (very few teenagers, unless their parents were in tow, and the parents seemed more excited then they were.) dance, clap and sing along to the music. Bruce would walk around the stage on occasion so all the fans could see him. The fans were courteous towards each other- I was witness to one lady offering to help a disabled girl in the bathroom, and there was only one fight between two men that was nipped in the bud within seconds. The people who came to the concert seemed really happy. It was a nice place to be: good music, happy people, all enjoying themselves, cheering not only Bruce but his bandmates as well. My Better Half was untouchable with joy, and my cousin and Chris looked like they were having a ball.

Basically Bruce's sets involved almost all of his classics: Born to Run, Born In The U.S.A, Badlands, Dancin' In the Dark, and Glory Days, along with songs from his new CD, The Rising. The Rising is a lot of songs composed as a result of September 11th. As I continued to listen to the songs, I realized how many Springsteen songs involve a message- usually about peace or getting in touch with yourself and liking yourself. Albeit, there are the songs about motorcycles and other fun things. The tickets were costly, but you did get your money's worth, as the band played for almost three hours! And there was no opening act. All in all it was a great experience, and I can't wait for Bruce to come back to Richmond so I can see him again.

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