Friday, May 09, 2003

Yesterday I was given a very special opportunity that I could not refuse.

It started out as an ordinary day in a seemingly hopeless job search, looking for something that I would enjoy. I had planned two things that day: 1) meet with Better Half's lifeguarding boss to see if I could snag some hours 2) Going to an RN Open House at a Home Health and Home Hospice Care agency. Visit #1 went well. She was ready to place me at a pool with minimal little people and low stress, although something inside me made me tell her to not count me in just yet. I made it clear I was still searching for a nursing position. She understood, and I left to go to visit #2.

The Home Care agency hosting the open house is right near my house, almost next door to the breeder who gave us our dog, Topper. Immediately, I met Chris, the HR rep, who quickly ushered me back to the kitchen for a Week of The Nurse celebration. Chris looked over my resume, and told me there was a full-time home hospice position open. She left, and soon I met LaDonne, who was the Hospice Nurse Coordinator. We chatted for a bit, with me still clueless as to what was going on. I felt so at ease in that office, I was jabbering like a monkey. Soon I met Tim, a nondenominational chaplain with a Buddhist training, and the volunteer coordinator, whose name escapes me now. Anyway, the next thing I knew, I had two formal interviews with LaDonne and the other HR rep, and then Chris came back and made me a job offer! I called Gayle and Vicki, my former managers, to see if they would supply references, and Gayle reassured me that I would be a great hospice nurse. LaDonne gave me a big hug and they took me into the orientation going on and annouced they had hired me. I felt like I was the winner of the Ms. USA Pageant. I can't believe what I am going to get to do. I get to help dying patients in their homes. I get to have the privilage of helping people escape pain and suffering. I am so excited. I got the confirmation call today, and I start on Monday. I have so much to do before then!

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