Monday, June 09, 2003

So, work has been the main centerpiece of my life these past few weeks. I like going to people's houses, checking them out, and making decisions about medication and such. I still have a lot to learn, but everyone's been really great. LaDonn told me to be as kind as possible to myself, and that the staff wouldn't beat me over the head with a wet noodle if I get it right away. So far so good though, everything that goes on, whether it's policy or paperwork, has it's own system and has it's own purpose. Unlike the last place I worked, it's much more organized and less fussy.

This week I get to go and train some more in Fairfax. Basically, I'll be taking the classroom stuff that goes with the practical stuff I'm doing. I was so excited I went to Target and bought some really nice summer outfits. I got a lot of clothes, maybe 7-8 outfits, for what I thought was fairly inexpensive. I think I am now set.

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