Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Daily Expense Account:

Breakfast sandwich at BK: $1.77

Total toll fare traveling to and fro around city of Richmond: $3.00 (ballpark figure)

Lunch with John Y. at Mi Hacinenda: $7.50 (we went dutch)

August issue of Vogue, with my homegirl and FiFi's namesake, Carrie Bradshaw's, alter-ego, Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover: $6.00

Guilty pleasure CD purchase of Madonna: The Imaculate Collection, along with 2 CDs by The Donnas, Get Skintight and Spend The Night: $49.95

The look on the face of the guy you have a crush on walking in on you as you are dancing around to above said Madonna CD trying to choreograph a dance routine with your dog to Track 3- "Borderline": PRICELESS.

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