Thursday, July 31, 2003

Okay, I've lived with a boy for about a week now...I swear if I ever say I want to again...please beat me senseless over the head!

Ugh! They are so gross. I've never had brothers, and I am considering that a blessing. The bathroom is now so absolutely revolting I am afraid to go in there. I'm almost considering bunking on the couch, keeping my suitcase in the basement, and showering in my parent's room. I cannot wait to get home to a clean apartment with my little white dog and my special friends. I am missing you guys this Thursday night. I can't wait to see everyone to give them their presents! Today was Shopping Day. I returned to Scarborough Faire, and relished in it's cuteness. It was the only thing I could really relish, since the prices of the stuff in the little boutiques were outrageous. Luckly, I found a special place here that had very nice items for very nice prices. I found an outfit for "Luau Night" (tommorrow night. Everyone gets lei-ed. Wakka wakka wakka.)- A day-glo turquoise bathing suit, a sarong of a similar color with blue and yellow splashed patterns on it, and a blowsy top to wear over the bathing suit. Also found some tropical looking flowers at the nearby dollar store to use in my hair. I think it's going to be a hit.

Last night was fun, basically now have finished the body of the FiFisaurus Rex costume and have sewed little purple and white polka dots on it as well. I rented some movies to watch as I knit, but so far have had litle time to watch them, since every time I walk out of the room and come back a few minutes later, someone is using my TV to watch game shows or Elmo tapes. Tonight, going to try to do the ribbing. Also will not leave the TV unless the house is burning down. I wanna watch my movies, damn it!

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