Tuesday, July 29, 2003

There is nothing like a concoction known as "The Painkilla" to take away bad vibes. Went out to a bar and grille last night with Kristen and Shannon, trying to be as uberhip as we can with two minors and two older women in tow, one of which was Kristen's mom. Trying very hard to keep Bridget Jones at bay whilst I slurped from my pirate cup. Kristen ordered a drink called "The Teeny Weenie Bikini" and it came in a real raunch-o cup shaped like a woman's torso. You could not grab it without looking like a total perv, so we gave it to Brendan. Pictures to follow soon.

So far, I've seen real live fox, a turtle, a rabbit, a wild horse a deer, some dolphins and a whole lotta unlucky manna rays that keep getting caught in fishing hooks. I could make my own Disney movie.

Today it is overcast, cloudy, with fog rolling in, so much so, you can't see the ocean from our house, which is oceanfront. It's perfect day to work on FiFisaurus Rex.

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