Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Wow! Apparently, the New York Times reveals that Sex and The City protagonist and FiFi's namesake, Carrie Bradshaw will fall in love big time this season. Unfortunately, it is not with the character I think she should end up with, Mr. Big (played by the most delicious Law and Order alum, Chris Noth).

Of course, I am biased, as a certain Mr. Big of my own has strolled into the foreground of my life recently. Don't worry, those of you Corner readers that are concerned of a "rebound thing." We're really having a lot of fun together these past few weeks, hanging out with mutual friends as well as with FiFi. Big and I have been pals for years. Unfortunately, he knows all the dirty details of my life up til now, and he seems not to mind that a very fluffy pink-clad princess of a pooch and her equally fluffy owner have pranced into his world and suddenly occupy a significant amount of his time. There was always a certain je nais se quoi between us, although we never really acted on it because we were both seriously involved with other people. Now that we're both free, we've decided to channel our collective energy into enhancing our friendship into possibly more. We realize the risk involved, but are hoping that our friendship is strong enough to get us through everything, as long as HONESTY, RESPECT, and TRUST (things that I will have to get used to receiving again from an admirer) are primo. I am optimistic, and for the first time in a LONG time, I am relaxed, happy and feel safe. Thanks Big. (DISCLAIMER: Most of the readers of this site are mutual friends of Mr. Big and myself. Out of respect for everyone, details will be scant at best. Privacy is crucial. Although I feel I am preaching to the choir on this, please know this is my official stance. Merci Beaucoup et Gracias muchachos. And please don't call him Mr. Big when you see him. Thanks. )

Still coming soon: FiFi's Glam-O-Ramma Foto Gallery. As soon as computer comes home from factory, where it is being repaired for a cracked screen.

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