Tuesday, August 19, 2003

After a long day at work, it was nice to come home to the little Fluff Ball that is the center of my new life. It's rather fun: I come through the door, she wags her tail, and chances are, Grammy has stopped by to play with her after work, so she is not in the puppy pen, so she can run over to me to greet me. Grammy and I laugh about it, then Grammy leaves. We play a few rounds of "Throw and Fetch Squeaky Bear" and blast music and dance around to Madonna, pretending we're her dancers/background vocalists. (oh, like you've NEVER done that) Around 7, we sit on the bed, where I type/write/blog/knit/read/watch TV, and FiFi sleeps. Around 10, she gets her second wind, and Squeaky Bear gets tossed around a bit more. Then Feefer either falls asleep on the bed or goes into her puppy pen, whatever she's in the mood for. Tonight I have a feeling that she's going to stay on the bed since she is sprawled out on my pillow with her eyes closed.

And I think I have writer's block. Damn it.

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