Friday, August 29, 2003

Here is my official 2 cents on the Britney/Madonna/Christina scandalous kissin' show last night on the VMA:

I've done worse in public.
Just ask the Baheads.

Go ahead...I'll wait. [You can find them at Micah and Megan's new house! :)]

Oh, back so soon? Okay, well, then.

What is that, you ask?

No, I, unfortunately, am not at Micah and Megan's big movingpalooza. My boss asked me to help out this weekend, performing some visits. The nice part is, I get Labor Day off.

Also, Feefer's been a bit of a pissant lately. I think she's pissed at me that I am not around a whole lot this week...we've been slammed with referrals, and I've acquired four new patients, bringing me to a whopping total of 11. It's been a lot of nine hour days, and a lot of staff temporary meltdowns. Mine occured today. Now I am tired. I put on my Nick and Nora Lamb PJs the minute I got home, grabbed a bowl of Golden Grahams and did something I've been wanting to do all day...sit my arse down and not get up.

Also, I figured the last thing FiFi would dig is a hurl-inducing ride in the car to a strange house where she has open pee season on Uncle Micah and Aunt Megan's brand new floors.

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