Sunday, August 31, 2003

Okay, apparently, I am like, the only person on the planet who thought My Boss's Daughter was good. The reviews have been brutal. Apparently Ashton thought it was so bad that it was shelved for 2 years and now that it's out, he refused to do any press related to it.

Today, two of my new favorite Sunday activities: Brunch with Big at Aunt Sarah's Pancake House, and 5:30 Mass at St. Mike's. Father John told me afterwards that he was glad I was going to Mass in the first place as well as coming to Mike's rather than my family's parish, which we both agree is rather stuffy.

For a while I was turned off to going to Mass. My ex had been so involved, and he got me going on a regular basis. Now that he's splitsville, I realize that I can make Mass into what I want. Big isn't Catholic, and he isn't really interested in any church right now, (which is groovy with me) but he knows how involved both I and my ex were in the church, and he never seems grumped out that I reserve that hour every Sunday. PLus, it's not a bad healing tool. Helps put a lot of things in perspective.

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